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Architect Andreas Gruber is committed to individual architecture with special quality standards and recognition value. Quality with consideration of sustainable, socio-economic interests is the highest premise, both in object planning and in the planning of new settlement landscapes and public space. Respectful and extremely careful is his treatment of the natural landscape. He loves special challenges.

In addition to object planning, architect Andreas Gruber is also an expert inspatial planning, implementation planning and ensemble protection.

Core sectors

In addition to object planning, architect Andreas Gruber is also an expert in spatial planning, implementation planning and ensemble protection. Andreas Gruber leitet Seminare und wirkt als Fachjuror in Architekturwettbewerben für Objektplanung und Siedlungsplanung mit.

His focus in object planning includes residential buildings, hotel buildings, agricultural or commercial businesses, new buildings, conversions or renovations. For him, quality means innovative, state-of-the-art building culture that has its roots in tradition. One focus is on hotel construction.


  • Andreas Gruber, Founder
  • Federico Minelli
  • Jaehune Heo
  • Johannes Kummer

Former Collaborators

  • Natalie Burkhart
  • Alessandro Masperi
  • Elisa Conti
  • Michele Cappellotto
  • Michael Pisching


  • 100 Traumhäuser, Callwey 2021
  • Turris Babel 112 „Architekturpreis Südtirol 2019“
  • Turris Babel 107 „Neues Wohnen“
  • Baumeisterzeitschrift
  • Subtilitas
  • Limitierte Ausgabe Bestarchitects
  • Sonderausgabe Edition Schwaben Baukultur Zeitschrift Verband deutscher Architekten- und Ingenieurvereine
  • AW Verlag
  • FF Bauen
  • Dolomiten Journal Bauen
  • TecniceNuove Editore
  • Dear Magazine


  • Big See Architecture Award 2021
  • Big See Interior Design Award 2021
  • Big See Architecture Award 2019
  • Big See Design Award 2019
  • Nominated for the South Tyrol Architecture Prize, 2019
  • Best Architects Award 2018
  • Nominated for Houses of the Year Callway Verlag (Munich), 2018
  • Winner Best Architects 2018 (European Award), 2018
  • Innovation award for sustainable building, 2017
  • Nominated for Giovane Talento Architetto Italiano, 2017
  • Nominated for the South Tyrol Architecture Prize, 2016

Ideals and Principles

In his designs for object buildings or implementation planning, Gruber is inspired by the characteristics and history of the site and its surroundings. His buildings are anchored in the culture of the place and the country. They are borne by respect for the South Tyrolean landscape and cultural awareness. For him, architecture is identity and history. According to Gruber, the built object must express the identity, idiosyncrasy and history of the client. In this sense, he develops for each client a very individual, tailored to him, so to speak, “tailor-made” architecture. Gruber’s buildings are not mass-produced but custom-made; they are meant to be client-specific works of art or jewels.